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Orbs unleashed!

Orbs unleashed!


 Ghost Lights and Orbs

Ghostwatch N. America
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Report by: SpiritRecon
"More documentation of the large amount of orb-like anomalies in downtown Wilmington, IL. "
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Orbs unleashed!

This video was taken January 25, 2018 in downtown Wilmington, IL. in the basement of one of the downtown businesses.  We have captured tons of activity in this building. There is a possible connection with this land to the Underground Railroad and the area has ties with the Native American people. We ended the video with a scene from about 11:30pm that evening. The beginning clip from about 20 minutes later that evening at 11:50pm.  Notice when I walk through the hall to my spot to monitor video, there is not a mass of orbs, only a few. But when my then partner walked out and sits in the chair and I lean forward and turn the SB7 spirit box on, the orbs seem to come from everywhere. My partner even sees one of these orbs with the naked eye on the ceiling fan. (he points at it marking it during the clip)  Filmed on 2k resolution Lorex infrared camera.

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