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Weird energy on motion sensor camera

Weird energy on motion sensor camera

Weird energy on motion sensor camera

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Report by: Kuiken
"can this be explained?"
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Weird energy on motion sensor camera

The girlfriend of one of my friends shared this video with us where her friend had put up some security cameras in a house she was renting. Since she had moved in her and her room mates had heard noises and found evidence of pagan rituals like a pentagram in the back yard and some other eerie things around the house. one day the motion sensor cameras alerted her to a video showing a glowing energy staggering back and fourth and immediately disappearing. the angle of the camera and how the shape moves seems to be further away from the camera moving diagonally and when it disappears the outline of the energy lingers for a moment. does anyone have any theories of what this object or energy could have been at her the house?

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