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What have we captured, help?

What have we captured, help?


 Ghost Lights and Orbs

Ghostwatch Europe
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Report by: UrbanDecay
"Sutton Place, Young Offenders Instititue, Hull, Undited Kingdom"
Report ID: 109

What have we captured, help?

So we think this is an orb?? Just to clarify were not paranormal investigators, were Urban Explorers so my paranormal knowledge is far from good! Film footage is not good sorry and pics are not good, this was taken on a mobile with the Intentions of staying private, we usually scout a building out the day before to get a feel for the layout and location and take short quick videos and reference pics for navigation purposes, never intending to upload them. We then go back the following night with our recorders and cameras and capture the walk through in HD and upload them to the new you tube Chanel (which is currently in development)

Anyhow I put this short video together to give you an understanding of the building and a splice of this “orb” thing! What you all think?

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