Ghost Lights and Orbs

Paranormal streaks of light or streamers, orbs and other light anomalies are featured here. It has been shown that most photographs of orbs are not paranormal being simply dust particles, airborne water droplets or tiny insects captured when a camera flash is used.
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportI have a credible unexplained video and I am looking for anyone who can help.
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportEdgewood Cemetery, Lancaster Texas.
Full Paranormal ReportSutton Place, Young Offenders Instititue, Hull, Undited Kingdom
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportFor the first time, my story of beyond the grave.
Ghost Hunt  SC Village 2013 031-1
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportLights at SC Village
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportPrivate Home in Redlands, CA
Thursday 23rd of November 2017
Waxing Crescent

Waxing Crescent

Full Moon
03 Dec 2017
New Moon
18 Dec 2017

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