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Multiple EVP discovered at House Exorcism

Multiple EVP discovered at House Exorcism



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Report by: macqdor
"Multiple EVP discovered at House Exorcism"
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Multiple EVP discovered at House Exorcism

Since May 2012 our house has been experiencing tremendous activity.

Items missing, lights going off and on, objects moving, objects thrown, objects catching fire: Bibles, Poster and computer desk and office.

This video below was done last year It recently been discovered that EVP'S exist on it. Paranormal teams from both the UK and US spent January and February of this year and (last summer) investigating the house. Uncovering an inordinate amount of EVP phenomena which gave rise to this video being re-looked at.


feel free to review the voices yourself

Thank You

Please Note: No exact location given - map location - North America

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