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Demon's in my life

Demon's in my life


 Demonic Haunting

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Report by: scottsmagg33
"Demonic apparitions in video and demonic sounds coming from my bathroom in my room & my house in general. "
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Demon's in my life

It first started after I moved into my new home in Houston Texas in the year 2020. It first started with friends that I rented rooms out to  always only the women. They always told me they would see a glimpse of someone staring into there room at them. They would always get up in the middle of night and be like were you just looking in my room and I said no I haven't even gotten up and they said I swear I just seen you looking in the room but it was never me. I never seen anything myself I always felt weird in the house but it was only the women that ever seen the things staring at them they said it looked like me my face but it was only a glimpse. They will even say that they felt like somebody walked in the room it was behind them when they turned around they were gone they always accused me of doing it but it was never me. Not thinking much of it I just went about my normal days like I did everyday every week every month. The things just started getting weirder and weirder. The neighborhood wasn't the best so I eventually set up some security cameras just keep an eye on things. The security cameras are never looking inside they're always looking outside. But regardless of that fact the things I captured inside the home were amazing and very scary. So I had set up my security camera looking outside my bedroom window. And whenever I would leave my room of course I would always lock my door. Well I used to have this wise Cam and it would always detect whether it's people or cars it would always like put a little square around it so you know what you were looking at. Well one time I'm sitting in the kitchen and in my room is empty there's nobody in there and the camera goes off because they gave me a notification on my phone. Yeah it captured something moving but of course my camera was pointed out so on my window so I assumed it was outside I looked out there and there was nothing it was dead quiet but the camera kept going off saying there was something it was picking up even though there was nothing outside. So I went back to the video and watched it. What it captured was not outside my window but it was a reflection from inside my room. All the lights are off in my room except for my bathroom light. So the camera was actually catching the glare of the bathroom light from behind it and it was reflecting off the window that it was looking through. Not even with the light on and even with that reflection there is nothing outside moving and there's nothing in my room but I noticed that there was two shadow figures one was crawling and one was standing it was in the bathroom doorway where the light was at it was very odd considering there was nobody in my room. You can barely see it at first until I took the camera and slowed it down times 20 and then it was very obvious what it was that I seen. Something very evil and very demonic was moving back and forth between the doorway. After this of course I kept doing more tests leave my room empty make sure there's nobody around and nobody go in my room my door was locked. And more than one time did I catch her something in my room moving. Sometimes in places it'll be almost impossible for someone even if they were in my room to be moving around. Then I started thinking and doing tests wondering well if there is Ghost they probably work at a different frequency than we do so if they make noise be at a different frequency. Our ears can only pick up certain frequencies but for some reason microphones and recorders can pick up others. So I did more tests I set the recorder on my phone multiple phones. I turned them on recording I turned the lights off and I left the room. A few times I set recorders far away from me one on each side of me while I send the room by myself and ask questions but the recorders were furthering him away from me where I couldn't touch him and they're both sitting on top of tables there was no wind going no fan no air conditioning. And every time I captured something speaking something clicking something growling and sometimes answering me answers that I really didn't want. Some of the last test I did where I took photos of myself blowing smoke clouds from my vapor. It was one of those apps where you take a picture but it can take like a hundred pics in like 5 seconds. Like a quick snap. The images I captured were beyond belief and beyond denial also. After a while it was almost like we were playing games with each other the demons the ghosts and me. I would do tests and they would let me capture them. This one for quite a while and I have quite a bit of evidence to support this. Eventually I came up on some hard times and unfortunately I was not able to come up with money for my rent for this was during the time of Corona. Eventually had to move out of that house but I tell you that during the packing and moving from this house. Something was very angry that I was leaving I had stuff falling out of nowhere stuff breaking stuff being thrown. My only assumption was it was because I was leaving and I was going to be there to play with them anymore. Me and my wife lived at that house I met my wife when I looked at that house. She also used to hear and see things in the house voices Dark shadows. It almost ruined our marriage. I even had a friend almost died in the house more than once. I luckily new CPR in our resuscitated them by the time the ambulance got there. I eventually realized around the time when it was my last few days in the house. Whatever this evil was. It was not just in the house but it was throughout the land around me. I feel and know that something bad must have happened either in that house are on that land a long time ago and whatever it is is still there. The one thing I could never figure out what there was one spot in the house you got the most activity and that was in my bedroom where the bathroom. Right outside my bedroom window I remember walking and I would stop and I would hear an echo. Almost like as if I was talking through a tunnel. But there is nothing there whatsoever to indicate any reason why they would be any kind of echo. Almost like I was on some kind of fault line or something. We're a strong magnetic energy would come up from the ground and cause my voice to echo. After me and my wife had moved we became homeless for a while. But our story didn't stop there whatever it was it was in that house a piece of it or a part of it followed us or it was always with us . It just didn't really make itself known until he came to that house cuz whatever evil or just around there amplified what was already following us are a part of us. This is not the only story I have in my life but it is one of the memorable ones. There's also much more involved into the story that I can really type or put into words. For I myself am very well educated in the in Occult & mysterious things that may happen in this world. I know what really happened and I know what I believe I just need my story to be told so others can understand and maybe I might even be able to help them. For the key to all help is knowledge.

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