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Demonic Attack

Demonic Attack


 Demonic Haunting

Ghostwatch N. America
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Report by: DLensman
"Nestled on a quiet well kept street, away from the city noise, lies a very nice house with a dark secret."
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Demonic Attack

Nestled on a quiet well kept street, away from the city noise, lies a very nice house with a dark secret.

We got a call from a couple we'll call Barbie and Ken. Silly sounding I know but this couple want to put this far away from them and the new state in which they live. After you read their story you too will understand why. We put the gear in the car and headed South East at breakneck speed.

As soon as we shut the engine down and open the door opened, the house door was open and our clients met us. "Were so glad you're here because we can't stand it any longer!" exclaimed Ken in a voice that trembled and a tear made it's deploy down this burly man's face." "May we go in?" I ask and the air got so thick we could cut it with a knife. It seemed like several minutes passed, when Barbie said"If we have to yes." Something had these two scared as a fox caught red handed in a chicken house

"I think that fog brought whatever it is in here!" Ken went on to say that barley a months after moving in that a fog came from the woods in the back and stopped at the back of the house. Send the team into the woods behind the house to look for a creek or some water source. None was found and the ground was dry. Since no one else had problems with fog and looked at the scared couple as if they were both made, the called in experts. A plumber and a septic tank cleaner. Both had left the reports stating nothing was wrong or leaks were found. The ground around the house on this date was hard due to the lack of rain, and, no farmland in the neighborhood was there to water crops as well.

We told them we could stay three days and then must leave for another hunt. We covered the entire house with a moisture detector and found the house to read on the dry side. The couple was nice, or afraid enough to give us full run of the property for the 3 days we could stay.

We sat up the array of gear, digital recorders, cameras,  motion sensor alarm's and 35mm cameras as well. We were not prepared for what we would get!

How about nothing! yes we did catch the fog but all our other gear was blank. Would of the best coverage's of a piece of property and not a single fart or whistle. None of us got touched....or so we thought....

We'd had no sleep and just had time to get into a fresh change of clothes when the couple got home.  We were happy they brought us coffee. We all sat down around the table. Barbie started to cry. "You have the same look on your faces the neighbors had when we told them our story" By then she was really starting to cry and I just sat there getting more upset for the answers we were soon to give them. "We weren't able to find a single piece of evidence with the digital tray we had set in the house, but we did catch the fog on camera. I had put on shorts so's to be comfy for the long ride we had before us. "DUDE, what's that on your leg?" Bruce our tech man ask while pointing at my calf. Barbie started to scream like she just got a death notice from her family. Bruce started taking pictures and there were sets of 3 scratches. no feeling or anything, the scratch was just there! "We left that part out because we thought you'd really call us crazy and not take the case. Come to find out they were both waking up with scratch marks on their body but none since they went to the hotel 3 days ago.

We left them with at least the peace that others did believe them and advice to talk to a local Pastor about it. Three long days and nights of hard work and all we had in the way of proof was fog and my scratched up leg. Why did it choose me and the family that lived there and the rest of the team suffered not a scratch? This is the way demons can operate and another reason why we insist that those without training, keep away until training is complete. A month later we got a phone call from barbie and Ken. They sold the house and moved to the west coast far away from a demonic attack that came with no reason or prior happenings in the house before they move there. They told the buyers and they just laughed. We can pray they're still laughing and not fighting an unseen enemy.

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