Demonic Hauntings

Hostile and resentful entity can be extremely dangerous. Considered to be of non-human origin or "fallen (from grace) angels. It is strongly recommended for anyone who is experiencing this type of haunting to seek the help of a professional paranormal investigator.

Demonic Attack

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N. America
Full Paranormal ReportNestled on a quiet well kept street, away from the city noise, lies a very nice house with a dark secret.
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportThe demonic haunting of Latoya Ammons. A woman and her three children who claimed to be possessed by demons.
Full Paranormal ReportCreepy doll supposedly haunted by a demonic presence sold on ebay for £108
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportThe Smurl Haunting was an alleged demonic possession in the United States, on which the film The Haunted was based.
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportThis house will be no stranger to people who love horror movies. It is the house on which the film The Amityville Horror
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportDoris Bither’s story is possibly one of the most terrifying and well documented paranormal accounts

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