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Smoke & steam forming skulls, faces, entities

Smoke & steam forming skulls, faces, entities


 Spirit Apparition

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Report by: Fedora_Antiques
"Location is a bonfire pit on my property, and there has only been habitation on the property since the 1980s"
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Smoke & steam forming skulls, faces, entities

In this Facebook album at the link provided I have included photos of one night's bonfire....showing sparks, smoke, and steam....and faces and skulls....! NONE of these photos have been photo shopped to include the images they depict. Spirits, ghosts or just the human mind being biologically programmed to look for face-like images in its surroundings? I will leave it up to you to decide!

The unusual factor involved here is that I deal in antiques & collectibles, professionally.  In over 20 years in this business, going through old homes, properties, and handling literally thousands of objects that have assorted history behind them, I have yet to have a negative encounter with any sort of entity. Perhaps they realize that I do my utmost to save  objects they may have cherished in life, or they perceive my respect for history and all it involves.  So, with that bit of background, and this notation: This bonfire was created using old lumber (which was not suitable for re-use) obtained via a variety of salvage projects, demolitions, etc, as well as vintage wood  and antique wood furniture parts which were damaged beyond re-use as anything other than firewood.  Enjoy

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