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Ghost Apparition Caught on Camera

Ghost Apparition Caught on Camera


 Spirit Apparition

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Report by: ripauk
"St Michaels Church, Minehead is steeped in history and dates back to 14th Century. We investigated this area and captured two apparitions."
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Ghost Apparition Caught on Camera

St Michaels Church, Minehead is steeped in history and dates back to 14th Century. We investigated this area as part of an ongoing project to document paranormal activity in and around cemeteries located in the County Somerset UK.

St Michael's church stands high above the town of Minehead. Illuminated at night, it still guides people home - as it did mariners in centuries past. It is our parish church and the focus for major festival celebrations. We use it in conjunction with our two other churches - St Andrew's in the town centre, and St Peter's on the harbour - to serve our congregation with a broad menu of Anglican worship, from high ceremonial to spirit-led praise and all-age activity services. St Michael's is a 14th century building with a 15th century tower. It boasts a fine rood screen and a ten-bell peal.

Re-ordered by the Victorians, and again in the 1970s, it is an atmospheric building which invites one to be still and know God's presence. The building is open daily, from early morning to dusk. All visitors are welcome.

We caught two apparitions on one picture and several light anomalies often referred to as orbs on the digital camera, most of these we could put down to dust particles, water vapour and bugs flying about but there were several others that we captured that are not so easily dismissed.

Our stance with orbs is that we try and rule out as many of the obviously explained pictures that we can. We then add the other orb pictures to our investigation report as unexplainable light anomalies. We are in no disillusion that these pictures are spirit manifestations or spirit energy. We shall let you decide what you think about them.

We had a few personal experiences and when you add that to the sporadic electromagnetic fields that we were getting, several EVPs captured over the two audio devices along with the anomalous voice recordings that we also heard. Add in the picture of the apparitions and we would have to say that it is in our opinion that St Michael Church Cemetery has paranormal activity, is most likely haunted and is definitely on our list of follow up investigations.

You can read the full investigative report, and view the pictures by clicking our link.

Audio evidence is still being analysed and will be available as a separate report shortly.

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