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Cemetery Apparitions 11/3/2022

Cemetery Apparitions 11/3/2022


 Spirit Apparition

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Report by: Robby Rush
"Robed Apparitions in a Texas Cemetery 11/3/2022"
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Cemetery Apparitions 11/3/2022

On 3 November 2022, Thursday, at approximately 1:47am (CST) and 1:54am (CST), Robby Rush, Occult Specialist, photographed two robed apparitions with a Thermal Scanner in the historic 1845 "Edgewood Cemetery" in Lancaster TX (USA). The robed figures had neither a face, hands or feet, and swayed back-and-forth as Robby filmed them. The apparitions appeared shortly after Robby arrived in the unlit cemetery and kept their distance the entire time on opposite ends of the cemetery. The apparitions seemed to also levitate off the ground a few inches so that feet were not observed. The arms were close to the sides but had no visible hands present as well. The figures faced Robby and showed no facial features. The moon phase was a Waxing Gibbous. The ambient temperature for the location that day was 63-degrees F with no wind present at the time. To see close-up photographs, see on the "Hauntings" page at the bottom of the section.

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https://www.theoccultspecialis ...

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