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Mill Street Barracks

Mill Street Barracks


 Spirit Apparition

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Report by: Wanderer
"Mill Street Barracks was built in 1861 and even to this day has maintained it's strong military connection."
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Mill Street Barracks

Mill Street Barracks was built in 1861 and even to this day has maintained it's strong military connection.

The 47th Lancashire Volunteer Rifles who fought in the Boer war (1899-1909) with 400 men were based here. During World War 2 the building was used by the Royal Artillery & Engineers for training.

Mill Street Barracks has also been used as a medical facility for wounded soldiers, an isolation ward for sick children suffering with TB and as a morgue during both world wars.

There is a tunnel below the Barracks that is now bricked up that used to lead to the Lowe House Church and nunnery, where bodies were taken to be blessed and then returned through the tunnel and stored in rooms within the cellar area. 

The man in charge in the 1960s was Alfred Cowell, he had a black Labrador dog called Bruce which only had 3 legs and used to wait by the door of the building for people to make a fuss of him. In 1979 the St Helens Sea Cadets took it over from them and they continue to use it today. The spirit of the dog has been heard and seen all over the building.

Apparitions of lost soldiers have been spotted walking in the building and poltergeist activity has been reported. Spooky figures of nurses and nuns have also been seen.

Old Jack:
Makes his presence known particularly to the ladies. Can be found on the upper level of the barracks.

Black Dog:
Bruce the three legged dog, a former resident, has been seen numerous times over the years searching for his former master. A whole host of other animals including cats have also been seen and heard over the years.

The Angry Man:
In the highest room in the building's old accommodation block, it is claimed this angry spirit has been known to try to push people down the stairs

There are lots of other spirits said to haunt the building including the Hanged Man, the Nuns of Lowe Street Church, the Crying Girl, the Mewing Cats and ghostly children.


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