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N. America
Full Paranormal Reportcan this be explained?
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportGHOST CRIER is bringing the idea of TRUE investigation to the business & entertainment format. Like different? #FollowUs
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportInterface Death is a science-based paranormal research organization based in Hillsboro, Ohio.
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N. America
Full Paranormal ReportMissouri Paranormal Research & Investigation - Today's Top Paranormal News, Ghost Videos, Haunted Locations, Creepy EVPs
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportI have a credible unexplained video and I am looking for anyone who can help.
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportPCPI uses technological and metaphysical methods along with extensive research to solve paranormal issues.
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportAuthor Stephen Lancaster and expert paranormal investigators spend nine years researching the Bistro.
N. America
Full Paranormal ReportLunatic Devine Ghost hunting are a non profit agency. We work on donations only.
Full Paranormal ReportA Rightmove survey of 30,000 people voted Romford as the 5th most haunted location in the UK

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