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Mount Washington Valley SPIRIT

Mount Washington Valley SPIRIT


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"Mount Washington Valley SPIRIT - Scientific Paranormal Investigation, Research, & Interpretation Team"
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Mount Washington Valley SPIRIT

We have dedicated ourselves to paranormal investigation, research, and education. Our services include assisting other paranormal investigation and/or research groups, ghost hunting groups, and the general public with any questions that they have on subjects related to paranormal science, parapsychology, investigation related sciences, investigation philosophy, investigation tools, & investigation techniques. We conduct private thorough scientific paranormal investigations for clients and occasionally help larger groups conduct private or public paranormal investigations. we do not conduct private or public ghost hunts, which is purely a recreational activity with the sole purpose of witnessing paranormal activity. 

Our investigative methodology leans primarily on mainstream science fact and secondarily focuses on mainstream scientific theories, and then thirdly paranormal science. We investigate and attempt to explain perceived paranormal activity with everyday science fact and theory before moving on to a possible paranormal cause. we favor This methodology at to minimize potential false positives which allows us to give the most accurate information to our clients.

The group was originally founded in October of 2010 under the name “Extreme Paranormal Investigators Consortium” in Auburn, Massachusetts. Auburn is a suburb of Worcester. Our team investigated, researched, and educated for countless home and commercial clients across the New England region. We conducted these investigations unilaterally or in tandem with other paranormal investigation groups. In addition, we worked alongside members of the Ghosthunters & Ghosthunters International television shows at their non-televised events in and around the New England area. Members of our team helped them lead investigations at and educate those who attended their weekend long symposiums across New England and beyond. We have also educated at paranormal conventions and through online and in person coaching.

Mount Washington Valley SPIRIT produces an online blog and a podcast which is an audible version of our blog. In the blog and on the podcast we explore topics pertaining to paranormal investigators, paranormal science, paranormal research, paranormal investigation, and parapsychology. The blog and podcast are geared towards serious paranormal investigators and focuses heavily on general science, paranormal science and theory, as well as parapsychological phenomenon that can be found during a career as a paranormal investigator.


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