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Spirit Seekers And C.D.S.P. GHOST CHASER, Joins Together

Spirit Seekers And C.D.S.P. GHOST CHASER, Joins Together


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Report by: curtis schweiger
""SPIRIT SEEKERS"C.D.S.P. GHOST CHASER" New Report We Have Recently Did A Investigaton Of The Devil's Elbow With So"
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Spirit Seekers And C.D.S.P. GHOST CHASER, Joins Together

These are not really reports as yet I just wanted to let every one know about "Spirit Seekers" and the new Investigations starting this year soon, But I have published a series of short stories entitled:"Angels,Demons and Strange Experiences" which are of old Investigations from years ago when I was younger, but we plan on at least 5 or 6 Investigations this year maybe more, and will be making full reports of our Investigations, peace,love,curts

"Ghost Hunting"

A black figure around the corner it appears, brings forth all of my fears.

They show up out of the blue, this I know to be true.

Spirits big and small young and old surround me in their fold.

Why do they show themselves to me, am i the only one who can see?

As i explore i want to know more.

Sometimes their voices shout, what is that all about?

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