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Devil's Stone Inn

Devil's Stone Inn


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"Every year, to keep Lucifer away from the village, the Devil's Stone is turned"
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Devil's Stone Inn

A former 17th century farmhouse in Devon, staff have reported many strange goings on at the pub, particularly when it is being refurbished. Taps start running unaided, beds unmake themselves, pictures are found on the floor in the morning and windows spontaneously fly open. Meanwhile, loud footsteps are often heard on the landing along with phantom knocks on the doors. Room 8 is thought to be the most haunted in the inn, with guests reporting the bed covers suddenly being removed and pictures being moved on the walls during the night.

A young girl’s giggling can also be heard along the corridor and the smell of smoke can sometimes be detected where there is none, as cottages that once caught fire share the same site as the inn. The spirit of an RAF pilot who died in room 4 can often be seen at the bar.

The Devil's Stone Inn is named after an ancient tradition in the village, said to keep the Devil away. The village of Shebbear is known for its tradition of the turning the Devil's Stone, which takes place each year on November 5th. Legend has it that the stone, which weighs around a ton, fell out of the Devil's pocket as he fell from Heaven to Hell.

The Devil's stone is of a composition unknown anywhere in Europe. The stone can be found opposite the pub outside the village church. 

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