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The Running Horse

The Running Horse

The Running Horse

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"The story of The Running Horse dates back to 1403, when the pub was built on land belonging to the church."
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The Running Horse

The story of The Running Horse dates back to 1403, when the pub was built on land belonging to the church.

Former owners of the Running Horse have reported all sorts of eerie things happening within the pub’s four walls.

The feeling of being watched, strange banging noises, sudden temperature drops and the sound of phantom footsteps walking around the pub are just some of the weird events which have happened within the pub.

The pet dog of a former landlord outright refused to go into an upstairs room at the front of the building even after being coaxed with food.

The pub’s cellar is said to have an oppressive atmosphere…

After cleaning the cellar’s floor one day, the landlady was shocked to discover that a 19th century woman’s silver bracelet had suddenly appeared in the middle of it!

Recently, members of staff at the pub have reported seeing strange shadows in the upstairs hallway and finding doors have either opened or closed on their own accord.

All these strange events have had some people believing that the pub is haunted by the ghost of Elynour Rummyng!

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