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Red Lion Pub, Avebury

Red Lion Pub, Avebury


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"The Red Lion pub in Avebury has been voted as one of the top ten most haunted pubs in the world"
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Red Lion Pub, Avebury

The Red Lion is unique in that it is the only pub in Britain to be surrounded by a stone circle. Avebury is the site of Europe's largest collection of stone circles, dating from between 4,000BC and 2400BC. These stones were erected up to 2000 years before Stonehenge.

From the early 17th century the farmhouse occupying the site was turned into a coaching in and named the Red Lion. The Red Lion pub in Avebury has been voted as one of the top ten most haunted pubs in the world.

With high levels of paranormal activity being recorded, the Red Lion Pub is said to be haunted by at least five resident ghosts, with the most famous being a girl named Florrie who was killed by her husband after he discovered her unfaithfulness. She can be found by a well inside the pub and it is thought that she is responsible for throwing small items across the bar.

Some other ghosts seen include two children and a woman, possibly related, as well as a ghostly horse and carriage that pulls up outside the pub and then vanishes.

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