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Tuesday 20th of August 2019
Waning Gibbous

Waning Gibbous


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Spectrewaves at Warsaw Jail in Warsaw Indiana - Spirit Apparition 16/08/19
Spectrewaves captures Paranormal photo of Zombie with half of face shot off with ...
Spectrewaves Paranormal at Old Warsaw Jail Kosciusko County - Residual Haunting 14/08/19
Spectrewaves Paranormal at old Warsaw jail in a preserved cell captures paranormal figure ...
Spectrewaves at Warsaw old jail Kosciusko County, Indiana Sp - Haunted Location 14/08/19
Spectrewaves Paranormal was on a Paranormal Investigation at The Kosciusko County Old Jail ...
Aldgate Station London - Haunted Location 28/07/19
Aldgate station has experienced so many ghostly reports that there is now an ...
Spectrewaves captures disembodied Moan at Guyer Opera House - Intelligent Haunting 26/07/19
Spectrewaves at Guyer Theater in Lewisville, Indiana USA Captures a disembodied moan or ...
Culz Paranormal - Paranormal Group 17/07/19
Culz Paranormal was founded in 2008 by Keegan, Colin and Mark Cool. ...
Guyer Theater Indiana - Demonic Haunting 16/07/19
Spectrewaves Paranormal at Guyer Theater in Lewisville Indiana USA Get Mel Meter and ...
Guyer Opera House in Lewisville - Haunted Location 15/07/19
Spectrewaves Paranomral Guyer Opera House Paranormal Investigation lewisville, Indiana USA Captures Paranoraml Evidence ...
EVP Guyer Theater Lewisville, Indiana - EVPs 15/07/19
Spectrewaves Paranormal at Guyer Opera House Lewisville Indiana USA Captures Figure and Rem ...
Spectrewaves Paranormal at Folwer Theater - Shadow spirit 29/06/19
Spectrewaves Paranormal at Folwer Theater in Folwer Indiana USA Captures Ghost walking in ...
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