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Friday 18th of October 2019
Waning Gibbous

Waning Gibbous


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Hell Fire Caves - Ghost Lights and Orbs 16/10/19
Taking pics on a family day out. ...
Spectrewaves Investigates Leffingwell House Vortex - Intelligent Haunting 10/10/19
Spectrewaves Leffingwell House Museum Connecticut vortex and spirit box Paranormal Evidence ...
Spectrewaves Paranormal Leffingwell House Museum Connecticut - EVPs 10/10/19
Spectrewaves Paranormal at Leffingwell Inn Museum in Norwich Connecticut on a Paranormal Investigation ...
Wawel Castle Kraków, Poland - Haunted Location 08/10/19
The ghost of kings are believed to haunt the castle to this day. ...
Unexplained Stream of colour - Ghost Lights and Orbs 25/09/19
The Television was OFF ...
Captured scream - EVPs 25/09/19
GHOST captures scream on camera audio ...
Voice capture - EVPs 25/09/19
Voice capture in the Notman house attic ...
Spectrewaves Paranormal Investigates a Haunted bathroom - Spirit Apparition 24/09/19
Spectrewaves Paranormal investigates Haunted Womens Bathroom was once Jail cells we capture a ...
Spectrewaves Paranormal Vortex at Sandwhich Opera House - Intelligent Haunting 21/09/19
Spectrewaves Paranormal uses a Vortex gadget to communicate with little girl on Stage ...
Spiritual Light - Ghost Lights and Orbs 07/09/19
Unexplained ball of light ...
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