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Top 10 endangered buildings 2015

Top 10 endangered buildings 2015

The Victorian Society has revealed the Top Ten Most Endangered Victorian and Edwardian Buildings in England and Wales 2015

These buildings are in real danger of being lost forever if immediate action is not taken. Please help raise awareness by sharing this list online so that more people become aware of the problems these historic buildings face.

buildings in danger

Ladywell Baths, Lewisham, London

Grade II, 1884, Wilson and Son & Thomas Aldwinkcle. Lewisham Council, has struggled to find anyone to take the building on which has suffered internal vandalism.
buildings in danger

Kinmel Hall, Conwy

Kinmel Hall is said to have been inspired by Wren's Hampton Court and the 17th century Chateau de Balleroy. The property has been abandoned since 2011 when Acer Properties Limited became the new owners.
buildings in danger

St Luke’s Church, Wolverhampton

St Luke's is a major local landmark with its extraordinarily detailed tower and polychromatic brickwork. The Society urges the Church to redouble its efforts to find someone willing to take on the building before formally closing it and leaving it empty indefinitely.
buildings in danger

Tolly Cobbold brewery, Ipswich

The large, red brick, Tower Brewery’s architect was William Bradford who designed or altered over seventy breweries. The site has been abandoned since 2002 when Tolly Cobbold merged with Ridley's brewery. It is now in a poor condition suffering from copper thefts and water ingress. Urgent works are needed now.
buildings in danger

Overstone Hall, Northampton

Lord Overstone is said to have disliked the design of Overstone Hall and never lived there. Today, the building remains unloved – around half is a burnt out shell after a fire in 2001. The New Testament Church of God put the hall up for sale in 2010 for £1million but it remains unsold at such a high price.
buildings in danger

Sheerness Boat Store, Kent

Completed in 1860, The Boat Store was the world’s first multi-storey building with an all-metal frame. The disused boat store is Grade 1 listed and the world’s earliest surviving example of a multi-storey, iron-frame and panel structure, following the destruction of the Crystal Palace and the first South Kensington Museum. The site is now in need of a use.
buildings in danger

Madeira Terrace, Brighton

The 2,837 foot long Madeira Terrace has been said to the longest continuous cast iron structure in Britain or even the world. Although the seafront is an integral part of Brighton, the entire length of the structure was recently closed and businesses forced to leave because of the risk of collapse.
buildings in danger

Central Plaza Hotel, Carlisle

Today little is visible as the building is shrouded by scaffolding. The hotel closed in 2004 and the company that bought it ceased to exist shortly afterwards. New sources of funding are desperately needed to restore this important city-centre building.
buildings in danger

Birnbeck Pier, Weston-super-Mare

Designed by the leading Victorian pier designer, Eugenius Birch, Birnbeck Pier is Britain’s only pier leading to an island. The pier was damaged by a mine during the war while used by the Admiralty as 'HMS Birnbeck'. After years of neglect the Pier closed in 1994 and successive owners’ restoration plans have come to nothing.
buildings in danger

Hunslet Mill and Victoria Works, Leeds

William Fairbairn who designed Hunslet was a leading designer of mill buildings and was also responsible for the world heritage site at Saltaire Mill. The developers who have owned the Mills for around 20 years state development remains nonviable. Hunslet Mill is being treated as a priority case by Leeds City Council and Historic England but if the developer doesn’t take action soon there will be little left to develop.

If one of the buildings is local to you, or particularly resonates with you, please consider writing to the relevant local council or newspaper to demonstrate that the building has public support. For more information please visit

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