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Geography of Ghosts

Geography of Ghosts

Can the land itself remember traumatic events?

John Pendragon sought to establish his theory that in regard to England, the eastern part of the country produces the greatest crop of haunted sites.

Geography of Ghosts, from cosmic waves to sensitive soils

The late, eminent British psychic-sensitive and researchers stated that such might be due to the fact that the eastern area of the country has been the scene of most of England’s battle, especially battles to stave off invasion. Pendragon also made reference to the theory that the districts may, in some unknown way, have become “sensitized” as the result of these emotional conflicts involving bloodshed.

It has for some time been suggested by paranormal investigators that great human emotion can saturate a place or an object with its own particular vibration. On that assumption, is it not possible - or even probable - that the scenes of bloody conflicts have, so to speak, "sensitized" the very soil upon which they took place?

Many readers may be living in a house that is built on the site of an early battle, recorded or unrecorded, or even the scene of a human sacrifice or a terrible murder. Perhaps you smile indulgently, but such a case is by no means impossible. Many a sedate parlor may be standing on a place that has witnessed the most grim and terrifying scenes.

John Pendragon stated that eastern England is an especially haunted area, and its geological composition is composed mainly of soil types of the Tertiary and Quaternary periods, the most recent eras of geological history. The Tertiary era of rock includes marine limestone, clay, shelly sands, and gravels. In the Quaternary era one finds peat, alluvium, silt, mud, loam, and sometimes gravel. Essex probably contains the greatest number of haunted sites in England, and Essex is 80 percent London clay, with the remainder mostly chalk. This particular county and its clay subsoil may provide a key to the problem of why certain areas are more haunted than others.

Are certain subsoils more sensitized than others?

The astrophysicist Robert Millikan discovered that certain soils absorb cosmic waves more readily than others, some soils acting as conductors and others as insulators. The French physicist Georges Lakhovsky noted that the highest incidence of cancer appeared to occur on clay soils and soils rich in ores, and that the lowest incidence was to be found where the soil was sand or gravel. Lakhovsky attributed this fact to the deflection of cosmic waves by the conducting soils, causing an imbalance in body cells, which, he maintained, are miniature oscillating circuits. Therefore, we may deduce that cosmic rays or the deflection of them by a soil consisting predominantly of clay does, in some way yet unknown to us, act as an aid to the production of phenomena that we call haunting by spirits.

It would seem that the clays, chalk, and alluvial soils are more sensitized than the ancient rocks, such as granite, gneiss, coal, old red sandstone, limestone, and so forth. Perhaps clay has the property of storing or deflecting the X energy, while granite and basalt do not. Subterranean water may also play a part. We might also point out that the most haunted places in England are on the "drier side" of the country. Pendragon was convinced that the reason why some areas are more haunted than others lies in a fusion of a number of factors, widely different, but that the geology of the district is one of them.

"Battles and Ghosts" (Prediction magazine, July 1952

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