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Promote your event

Promote your event

Easily sell tickets, collect payments and track attendance for your ghost hunting events. It's free and easy to get started.

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Ghostwatch and Eventbrite have teamed up to help our paranormal investigators, ghost hunting groups and you promote and sell tickets for your next ghost hunting event or spooky fundraiser. It's free to join and gives you everything you need to manage, promote and sell out your event. To find out more visit our partners at Eventbrite.

Create your Event

Create your next ghost hunting event with us.

  • Simple tools let you create an event webpage with logos, images, and URL, and send barcoded tickets.
  • Online or mobile, it's quick and easy for people to buy tickets and register for your event.
  • Easily accept debit and credit card payments with our credit card processor and PayPal.

Promote your event

Use our free tools to spread the word about your event.

  • Email personalised invitations to your contact lists. Keep your event private, or automatically list your public events on search engines and our directory.
  • Increase your turnout by letting attendees promote your event on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to their friends and network.
  • See how many people are coming to your event, view your ticket and registration sales, and ramp up your promotional activity as needed.

Manage event entry

Know who's coming and check them in at your event.

  • Print a guest list or check names off a list on your iPhone or Android device.
  • Attendees can access your event info and tickets on the go with the Eventbrite mobile app.
  • Use our free Entry Manager app to validate barcoded tickets at your event.

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