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Ghostwatch Classifications

Ghostwatch Classifications

Ghostly encounters, haunted locations and reports of the paranormal are as varied as the people that experience them. Ghostwatch was created with the goal of mapping your paranormal world. In order to help you find what you're looking for quickly, Ghostwatch has adopted the following classifications of hauntings and associated symbols.

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Residual Hauntings

Residual Hauntings are not recognised as being spirit but simply an echo of past events or actions, repeatedly played out again and again. They are unaware of the living world and are incapable of interacting with or responding to you, unlike intelligent hauntings.

Poltergeist Activity

Poltergeist phenomena is usually linked to an "agent." Can manipulate objects either moving, throwing or teleporting them. A noisy, sometimes destructive force that in extreme cases could physically attack.Reports of poltergeists date back to Ancient Roman times.

Intelligent Haunting

With this type of haunting the entity will display emotion and can interact with humans and manipulate objects. These entities are harmless a majority of time, and are usually location bound.

Spirit Portals and Vortexes

Perhaps the most controversial type of haunting. Spirit Portals are believed to be a point of passage for spirits and entities to move back and forth between our world and theirs. Sometimes powered by energy vortexes they can be either positive or negative in nature.

Demonic Haunting

Hostile and resentful entity can be extremely dangerous. Considered to be of non-human origin or "fallen (from grace) angels. It is strongly recommended for anyone who is experiencing this type of haunting to seek the help of a professional paranormal investigator.

Apparition Disembodied Spirits

The phenomenon where a spirit (human, animal or object) takes on a physical form that can be seen. Apparitions are often described as looking solid in appearance, though sometimes are visibly "see-through." Occasionally, a full body apparition is witnessed.

Ghost Lights and Orbs

Paranormal streaks of light or streamers, orbs and other light anomalies are featured here. It has been shown that most photographs of orbs are not paranormal being simply dust particles, airborne water droplets or tiny insects captured when a camera flash is used.

Shadow Spirits

The dark countenance and malevolent feelings that are often reported in association with these creatures has led some researchers to speculate that they may be demonic in nature but their true origin is unknown.


If your report or story doesn't fit into our other categories or its just plain X-files weird then it should feel right at home here. The Unclassified section is a catch all category for anything supernatural and not easily determined or classified.

Electronic Voice Phenomena

EVPs are unexplained sounds or disembodied voices captured electronically. Believed by some to be the recorded evidence of residual or intelligent spirits communicating with us. EVPs are worthy of continued study.

Haunted Locations

A building or location reportedly haunted by ghosts or other supernatural beings including demons.
IMPORTANT: NEVER trespass on private property.

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