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Paranormal TV on Ghostwatch

Paranormal TV on Ghostwatch

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Newbie or a seasoned pro it doesn't matter, if you've got something that will entertain, inform and delight the paranormal world we want to see it!

Recommend your favourite youtube paranormal channel and get seen on Paranormal TV. We will review your recommendation and if suitable create a new channel on Ghostwatch Paranormal TV just for you.

Ghostwatch Paranormal TV is free and open to all paranormal teams that have investigated at least 2 locations and have their own team channel on YouTube. All we ask is that the videos on your channel are region free, relevant to the paranormal and your own work.

Paranormal TV features popular paranormal videos from investigators, teams, documentaries and spooky podcasts.

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Why Paranormal TV?

There's a huge amount of talented, experienced and hard working teams out there that may not get the recognition their paranormal investigations deserve. We created Paranormal TV to help promote and showcase those paranormal channels and teams, giving them their turn in the spotlight. Promote your own page on Paranormal TV, increase visibility and gain new viewers/subscribers right here on

Ghostwatch does not edit the videos shown on Paranormal TV in any way. Copyright remains with the author/owner of the footage. Paranormal TV is powered by our members and YouTube.

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