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Waverly Hills Apparition

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Ghostwatch N. America

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Waverly Hills Apparition

Ghostwatch Report ID:89

This video was captured during our first investigation of Waverly Hills in 2011. The video shows two our founder (Steve) and co-founder (Jared) walking down a hallway past one of our dvd cameras. As they continue down the hall they stop and take a few steps into a room after hearing some shuffling. They then continue walking down the hall, once they are around the corner at the end of the hall, a glowing white figure seems to step out from the last door on the right and follow them around the corner. Neither of them heard anything behind them at the time this occurred. 

We do not believe that this is Jared or Steve for a few reasons.

1) The infrared light of the camera does not illuminate that far down he dark hallway.

2) The figure seems to be glowing white, giving off its own light to be picked up by the camera.

3) Investigators walked up and down that hallway all night and this figure never appeared prior to or after this.

4) Neither Jared or Steve had a flashlight on while walking down this hallway (Ruling out the figure just being a flashlight beam)


We are open to any explanation anyone may have for this video. Thank you!

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