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Church Street Ghost

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Church Street Ghost

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Church Street Ghost

My true story happened in the fall of 2001 when I was living in a beautiful old Victorian home with my 4 year old daughter. The house is located on Church street in Buckingham, Quebec, Canada where it still stands to this day. 

One day I was alone in the house as my daughter was spending the day with her grandmother. Suddenly I heard the sound of the back door opening. Surprised and feeling a little irritated because the person didn't knock before entering my house, I shouted out, “Just a minute! I'll be right there.” 

I peeked into the kitchen from where I was standing in the washroom. What I saw next will forever remain etched in my memory. Standing at the back door, I saw a half-figure of a white man who was bare foot and wearing a red bathing suit. He was only visible from the waist down and he was soaking wet. As he walked across the room, I could hear the sound of his wet feet squeaking on the kitchen floor and the sound of water dripping off him. Stunned, I stared slack-jawed as my mind tried to grasp what I was actually seeing. He walked to the opposite end of the kitchen, stopped for a moment in front of my cupboards, then he turned to face me. I could see the bottom half of him clearly but I could also see the cupboards through him. Shocked and rooted to the spot, I said out loud, “Oh my God! You're a ghost”! He turned away from me and continued to walk down the hallway that led to my living room. Squeak, squeak, squeak, I just stood there in disbelief and watched him walk about half-way down the corridor before he disappeared into thin air, without leaving a trace. Or did he? 

Completely freaked out, I ran through every room in the house looking for the half-figure I had just seen but he was nowhere to be found. Questioning my own sanity at this point, I searched for water on my kitchen floor; surely it must be wet, before I checked the lock on the back door. The kitchen floor was bone-dry and the door was securely locked with a dead bolt. Needless to say, I packed up all our worldly belongings and moved out of that house a few days later. 

It would be interesting to see if the current tenants have experienced anything paranormal in the beautiful old Victorian home. Thanks for reading my true story. :)

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