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Crime scene spirit photo captured by Police

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Crime scene spirit photo captured by Police

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I stumbled across this amazing photo and thought i would share this and the following story that emerged from Thailand.

CityNews - On May 25th, reporters and inquiry officials were left stunned after a dead man was photographed revealing an image that some claim to be the spirit of the deceased leaving the body.

Homicide police in Dao, Chiang Mai,Thailand were shocked after discovering one of the photographs taken of a dead man appeared to show what looked like a spirit rising from the dead body. The photo very clearly shows what appears to be the body of the man rising up from the corpse with a white trail that still connects to the dead body.

Police Captain Nitikorn Saengunta discovered the photograph when collating details of a man who was murdered after a violent argument broke out. He said that he had never seen anything like this in over 25 years working murder and death cases. Many people, including head of the Chiang Mai Rescue Team, Mr Adisak Kummuang (64), said that they had never seen anything quite like it. It was very clear and everyone, including the villagers of Dao believe it to be the spirit of the dead man leaving the body.

Possible long exposure and slight camera shake or something else ... you decide.

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