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Private Home in Redlands, CA, USA

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Ghostwatch N. America

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Added: 3 years ago
Posted by: Joeyca (5)

Private Home in Redlands, CA, USA

Ghostwatch Report ID:70

My team and I were invited to a private home in Redlands, CA, as the homeowner was selling. She was interested in what her family had been feeling in the house for over 25 years.

We all had to work the next day, so we weren't going to make a whole night of it. After the interviews and taking the nickel tour of the house, we set up our equipment to best capture the 'hot spots'.

Nothing was felt or captured on camera or EVP inside the house, but everyone got the 'heebee-geebees' (Yes, that is a technical term :-P) in the back yard/garden.

Leaving the static equipment running in the house, we concentrated on the yard.

I have attached photos from that night, nothing has been done to the photos except to resize them for upload here.


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