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Ghost in Apartment 54

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Ghostwatch N. America

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Posted by: Joeyca (5)

Ghost in Apartment 54

Ghostwatch Report ID:69

I was doing laundry on the upstairs patio of my apartment, as I turned to go back inside, I briefly saw longish, light brown hair and a white long sleeve shirt standing in the open side of the sliding glass doors. I could see no face, hands or legs, just the hair and shirt.

I said "Hello," and the entity disappeared.

A few weeks later, as I was washing dishes at the sink, facing the same sliding glass door, I felt that I was being watched. Once again, I said "Hello," and slowly moved my eyes from the sink to see who was there. I saw the same entity standing there. As I made eye contact, with where his eyes would be anyway, the entity disappeared again.

The third and last time, I personally saw him, he walked past my bedroom door, apparently heading for the top of the stairs, or the apartment across the adjoining landing.

Upon investigation, I found out that there were a number of people that had seen him looking out the windows onto the pool area, standing on the landing outside my apartment door and on my patio. Some seeing just the hair and shirt that I had seen three times, and others said they saw just legs. Only two people, both in their early teens that said they saw his face with the shirt and hair.

When I moved from that apartment, my neighbor called me to say that her apartment was now being haunted and my old place had supposedly gone quiet. She had seen doors opening and closing on their own, water being turned on in the kitchen and bathroom and an over all feeling of being watched.

I could never find out anything about the entity.

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