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Catacombes de Paris

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Catacombes de Paris

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The famous Catacombs of Paris are a vast network of tunnels and caves created in the galleries of the former limestone quarries whose stone was used to build Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre and city ramparts.

In the late eighteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries the bodies from the city above were gradually transferred to the now abandoned quarry which would become The Catacombs.

Situated twenty metres below ground The Catacombs extend over 300 kilometers under the city streets and contain the remains of around six million Parisians, making the Paris Catacombs the largest necropolis in the world.

There are tales of death and murders that have taken place over the centuries deep within the hidden catacombs of Paris.  Many visitors claim to have "felt" strange things when they were in the catacombs.  Feelings like being followed and in some cases touched by some unseen force and even the sensation of being strangled. Other visitors have reported seeing shadow figures or spectres deep within the stacks and rows of skulls and bones. 

Paranormal researchers visiting the catacombs of Paris have captured strange EVP recordings as well as photographs of unexplained lights including misty images appearing on film.


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