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Malahide Castle

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Malahide Castle

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The castle’s long and sometimes tumultuous 800-year history has contributed much to its haunted reputation. There are many unseen spirits which are felt in the castle’s many rooms. It is said that Malahide castle has at least five ghosts.

One of the castle’s most popular spectres is that of the son of the Baron of Galtrim, Lord Galtrim or Sir Walter Hussey. He was killed in battle during his wedding day in the 15th century. He is said to wander the castle at night groaning in pain while pointing to the spear wound on his side. He is a heartbroken ghost because his bride-to-be married his rival immediately after his death.

There is also Lady Maud Plunkett. She appears to castle workers and guests as she did on the day of her marriage to a Lord Chief Justice. She would chase her husband’s ghost through the corridors of the castle.

Puck is the ghost of a jester who fell in love with a woman named Lady Elenora Fitzgerald. She was detained at the castle by Henry VIII for inciting rebellions. One snowy night in December, Puck, the jester was found with a stab to the heart, still wearing his jester suit and cap. Before his death he swore that he would haunt the castle until a master with a bride from the people would rule the castle. However, he promised not to harm any male Talbot who slept in the castle. Numerous castle visitors have reported seeing the jester’s face on some photos taken in the castle.

The White Lady is also a very popular ghost in Malahide Castle. The White Lady is a painting of a very beautiful but unknown lady which is hung in the castle’s Great Wall. It is said that she would leave her painting at times and wander through the castle grounds at night.  Over the period of many years, she has been seen by a lot of people.

Lastly, there is the ghost of Miles Corbet. Miles Corbett was given the castle and the surrounding property by Oliver Cromwell. During the Restoration, Miles was made to pay for his crimes which he had committed during his time at the castle and he was hanged. It is reported that his ghost would appear as a whole soldier in armour and then suddenly fall into pieces.

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