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The Leopard Inn

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The Leopard Inn

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The Leopard Inn dates from the early 1700's. Initially a coaching house and Inn, there has been a working pub on this site for 300 years or more. In 1878 a three storey extension including 57 rooms were built. The ambition was to create in Burslem 'The Savoy of the North'. The rooms to the front of the Leopard are today in use as a pub and restaurant, and to the rear the hotel lies abandoned and purportedly haunted.

Stoke-on-Trent’s Leopard Inn holds many hidden secrets. Recently discovered tunnels under the inn have drawn paranormal investigators from around the world.

Visitors can join a guided ghost tour, but be warned, people have reported bricks being thrown by unseen hands, and doors opening and closing on their own. The ghost of Molly Leigh, who was accused of witchcraft and hung in 1748, also reportedly roams the halls.

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