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Lawang Sewu

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Lawang Sewu

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Lawang Sewu (meaning “Thousand Doors”) was Built in 1917 by the Dutch East Indian Railway Company. During World War II the Japanese occupied Indonesia, and Lawang Sewu was taken over by Japanese forces. The basement of 'B' building was used as a prison. The inmates were treated harshly, with many of them being executed. When Semarang was retaken by the Dutch in October 1945 at the battle of Semarang, Dutch soldiers used the tunnel underneath 'A' building to sneak into the city. A battle ensued and numerous Indonesian soldiers were killed, as well as 5 employees.

Lawang Sewu is believed to be the most haunted place in Indonesia, with many tourists visiting the beautiful building to hopefully catch a glimpse of the paranormal. Headless spirits are known to wander its corridors and grounds, and the basement in 'B' building is believed to be haunted by a vampiric ghost known locally as a Pontianak.

The most popular and often sighted spirit is the Dutch woman. She is believed to have committed suicide there, and was captured on film during a TV program.


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