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Anomaly captured in a Guildford restaurant

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Added: 3 years ago
Posted by: Ghostwatch (77)

Anomaly captured in a Guildford restaurant

Ghostwatch Report ID:15

The following report was submitted to Ghostwatch

On boxing day I was at a restaurant in Guilford Surrey having a meal with my family.

When we left the restaurant some photo's were taken by the inside exit door of my son and grandson. There were 3 photo's taken all at the same time seconds apart. The first photo was taken by my wife on her phone camera, the second photo was taken by myself on my conventional digital camera, the third photo was taken by my daughter in law with her phone camera. 

However, it was only my picture that captured a woman in the background. She was pretty much transparent and the bushes from the car park can be seen through her as a window was behind her. I have spoken to the restaurant manager who has been there for 3 years and he recalls nothing to warrant this incident. 

It is definitely a mystery as I personally, am not a believer in ghosts.

NOTE:The faces of the Son and Grandson were blurred out by Ghostwatch to protect their privacy. The original hi-res photo does not appear to have been digitally manipulated.

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