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Haunted Toy Store

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Haunted Toy Store

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Most of the employees of the Toys 'R Us in Sunnyvale have encountered the mischievous spirit haunting the back isles of the enormous toy store, and its antics were usually nothing more than an irritation, if not often humorous. But at other times, not so funny. Lights turned off would come back on. Electronic toys would suddenly burst into activity. Dolls that did not have the ability to talk, talked. Toys and boxes would appear tossed into the isles to be discovered by employees opening the store in the morning.

One employee who locked up for the night was interrupted in leaving when someone from the inside began banging on the door he just secured. Naturally he walked back and unlocked the door, only to find no one inside. Halfway to his car again, the banging started again. He returned, unlocked the door...but no one was inside wanting out. This continued repeatedly until he finally gave up and left.

In addition to such poltergeist-like activity, at times the figure of a young man would be seen briefly, a shadow here, a momentary apparition there out of the corner of an eye; and someone very fond of stroking the heads of girls with long hair and even following them into the ladies bathroom, frightening them with water faucets that turned on suddenly by invisible means, to where some female employees refused to go to the bathroom alone.

The workers at the Sunnyvale Toys 'R Us are for the most part comfortable with the ghost. They regard the ghost as a harmless entity and not a threatening supernatural spectre, while others have refused to be left alone in certain parts of the store or be assigned to closing down at night when activity seems to be its highest.

Perhaps the most yielding encounter with the ghost of Yonny Johnson took place in 1984 when popular psychic Sylvia Brown, along with photographic experts from Alpha Labs, were brought in to hold a seance which was featured on the television program "That's Incredible," hosted by John Davidson, Cathy Lee Crosby and Fran Tarkenton. 

Although Sylvia Brown's psychic abilities have since been called into question we cannot easily dismiss the photographic evidence clustered with the overwhelming testimony of so many employees of the store, psychic or no psychic. There's definitely something happening at the Sunnyvale Toys 'R Us of a supernatural nature, and it would be great to see further research done on the matter with even more sophisticated video/photographic and audio examination performed.



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