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Belen Harvey House

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Ghostwatch N. America

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Added: 8 months ago
Posted by: RavenDevine (3)

Belen Harvey House

Ghostwatch Report ID:129

We did two investigations at this location. We had a lot of evp's that showed up. here are a the ones we caught. we caught people typing and answering our questions and also responding to others in out group. Some of the evps is with a group of people we had with us for National Ghost Hunting day. in the pictures you can see orbs we caught and you see a figure that was walking in the door way. The issue with this is none of our team members were in that room at the time. There was no one else in the building everyone was upstairs when the picture was caught by our camera. The other one is a figure standing by a harvey girl outfit. It looks like a mannequin. Only the mannequin did not have a head or legs on it. It was just the bust of the outfit. This pictures clearly has a head of a women in a Harvey girl outfit. 

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