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Washington State Poltergeist

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Washington State Poltergeist

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A Washington man claiming to be tormented by an evil spirit residing in his home has gotten some vindication after paranormal experts investigating the location declared that it is haunted. For the last four years, Keith Linder says, a poltergeist has been throwing objects and trashing rooms his home. After a team of ghost investigators visited the property and found no evidence, Linder was dismayed that people thought he had been hoaxing the entire thing. "We were dragged through the mud, my girlfriend especially, dragged through the mud as being hoaxes, pranksters and attention-seekers -- none of which is true," Linder told Q13 Fox News in Seattle. But a pair of researchers who traveled to the property all the way from England appear to have strengthened the case for something strange happening inside Linder's home. The Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology spent a week living at the house and recorded an astounding 427 EVPs, including particularly creepy voice saying "I want more. I want more." Additional evidence included video of objects seemingly moving on their own as well as an anomalous shadow that defied explanation. After completing their investigation, the organization declared that the property is the site of an "intelligent haunting" and issued an official certification for the ghostly presence. While the findings may restore Linder's reputation, they will likely do little to stop the infestation, although he has no plans to let the nefarious spirits drive him from his home. Source: Q13 Fox News Seattle

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