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Bassa Villa poltergeist captured on CCTV

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Bassa Villa poltergeist captured on CCTV

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Another "Haunted pub video" but this one is interesting in that it shows the spooky moment captured with multiple camera angels. However, is it just us or does the chalkboard sign saying "Hi thanks for looking!" seem a bit suspicious?

Spooky CCTV footage shows "poltergeist" throwing glasses off shelves

A "pub poltergeist" has been captured on CCTV by the venue's spooked-out owner after glasses were "thrown" from the shelves one at a time. Nick Bevon said he was shocked to discover glass strewn across the floor of his bar when he arrived for work at Bassa Villa in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

But the boss got the fright of his life when he studied security footage for evidence of a mishap - only to discover the glasses move on their own after dark when the bar was shut.

Nick, 33, said the creepy clip was not the first evidence of supernatural goings-on at the infamous venue, which has developed a reputation for being haunted. He said: "I just turned up for work on Saturday morning and opened up as usual with the assistant manager when I noticed the smashed glasses on the floor.

"I thought: "How did that happen?" because I knew the place would have been lift tidy the night before. "I wondered had someone maybe been in the bar so I reviewed the CCTV cameras and there it was at 1.43am.

"There was no-one in sight. The place was empty. And they just fall without explanation. Both of the glasses just go. "I checked out cameras from different angles to see if I could find a reason for it but they all showed the same thing.

"I do and I don't believe in ghosts but I can't see any other explanation for this."

Nick, who took over the restaurant five months ago, said its history was littered with tales of the paranormal. "I've been grabbed on the wrist while working on my own and I've seen figures walk across the bar and wondered if it was just my imagination.

Nick said: "There is a story that two children were buried in the cellar and continue to haunt the place. "I worked here 10 years ago, long before I became manager, and there have been incidents like this for as long as I can remember, but it's rare to capture something so strange.

Paranormal History

In the 1600's two children called Charlotte and William were playing Hide and Seek and became locked in the cellar of the Magpie House (The original name of the pub), which is close to the River Severn. Trapped, they had no means of escape when the river, high in flood, suddenly burst its banks, flooding the cellar and drowning the unfortunate children. The grief-stricken parents erected two marble images of the children, which can still be seen in the Terrace Gardens. 

The children's mother has been seen walking the house still, her soul tormented by the tragic loss. She cries, softly whimpering her sadness, or has been heard laughing gently in remembrance of happier times. She is known as the Black Lady.

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