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Portal Incident

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Portal Incident

Ghostwatch Report ID:108

On Friday 24th July I was on a skype call to my friend in the US, it was a normal conversation just like always. However, I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye, now the normal human knee jerk response is to look to see what is there, because really you know nothing is there. 

But you know when there is something there, and your too afraid to look, that is what it was like. It stayed there for a few seconds and then it was gone, but my friend on Skype screamed as she saw it in my room and then it appeared in hers.

But I didn't know this, I said at the time "did you feel that?" because really I was too afraid to say "did you see that?" 5 mins later when I gained enough courage, I described what it looked like to her and she was astonished to discover that it was the same as what she had seen too.

All I can describe it as was a black spiky ball sized shape on my ceiling, after my friends who are very experienced in this kind of thing, immediately told me to salt all the doors, windows and every entrance to my house, they then came around the next day armed to the teeth with books, herbs and a plethora of knowledge on spiritual creatures.

They knew it was demonic, but wasn't initially sure of what kind. According to lore, only high level demons can travel through portals, and also if they are high level, they also have pack or army that they command. They said to me that demons are not like how Hollywood portrays them, that they are more like how animals behave, and their energy or food supply is negative energy.

It just so happens that there have been two deaths in this area of Stoke alone in 2014 / 2015, they said that sometimes violent murders (like the one that claimed the life of a dearly loved student Eni Mevish) leaves a scar or wound on that area and negative energies come along to feed on it.

Ever since the encounter with what me and my friends now think was a portal, I have had scratches on my body, boils appearing, I got mildly Ill and experienced a lot of very bad luck. This is definitely an area to look into investigators, but I must caution you, this area of the country seems to be most rife for demonic activity. 

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