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Back From The Dead Getting Violent

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Ghostwatch N. America

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Added: 2 years ago
Posted by: DLensman (8)

Back From The Dead Getting Violent

Ghostwatch Report ID:107

As many of you  have read the story of my life, "Back From The Dead' I do have some updating. I've been found several times to stop breathing in my sleep. I've had two sleep studies done by two different companies and both found nothing. For my safety, I was given oxygen to sleep with at night. Nosy and a big pain for someone who hardly sleeps such as I.

Around a week ago, I woke up feeling like a cattle prod had been placed to my temple! I sat up and yelled loud enough the team was there wondering what the yelling was about. I can't describe the feeling I've had since then. My head was checked over twice and no mark was found.......none at all.

You have to feel special when a team will stay at your side around the clock to help you deal with this crazy crap. Pissing me off is what it's doing. No meds were changed and a cat scan came back showing all is well. I got a living will made so the team wouldn't be left with nothing. My blood sugar level has been good for the last month. Eye exam showed a small cataract but not big enough to cause a problem. Blood pressure was up, due to rage I'm sure.

I've been taking on a few light cases trying to get back in the game. This was a local case of something making strange sounds and it was walking around the house scraping the brick with claws or fingernails if you will. The interview went fine and both hold high level jobs so they had more to lose by telling the story than keeping quiet. We got there and no a sound was heard Friday or Saturday. The same can be said for Sunday as well. We told them to call us if it should return.

All was quiet until Wednesday afternoon. I suffered a fall, but not just any fall. I started to the french doors to have a look outside as I do often to enjoy the wildlife. Something grabbed my right leg, gave it a violent pull and then a twist on my broken ankle. This time Ellen saw the incident. from start to finish. The leg she said came up as fast as she ever seen a person move, and before I hit the glass in the doors with my head, My ankle twisted like the hands of a clock! She thinks I was to be thrown through the window. When I got to my feet, I was walking on the side of my foot. No ER I'd tough it out through the night. This morning I gave in and had ex-rays made.

My Surgeon's office called, and, you guess it. Broken once more. Arrangements are being made to fuse the bones together and a custom brace made which I'll always have to wear. He said that was the worse "ladder fall" he'd seen in sometime. I will get to the bottom of this or die trying. This bitch don't run, come to think of it, I couldn't even if I was a coward. Say a prayer cause I need all I can get

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