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Top 10 most endangered buildings 2014

The Victorian Society has revealed the Top Ten Most Endangered Victorian and Edwardian Buildings in England and Wales 2014

The Victorian Society UK - top ten buildings in danger 2014

These buildings are in real danger of being lost forever if immediate action is not taken. Please help raise awareness by sharing this list online so that more people become aware of the problems these historic buildings face.

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Sleep paralysis - Devil In The Room

Created as part of The Sleep Paralysis Project, visit the website for more information on the scientific and cultural background of sleep paralysis.

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Ghosts of Halloween past

With Halloween just around the corner, i was feeling a bit nostalgic for the scary thrill i used to get at this time of year when i was a kid. So, i took a wide eyed look back to the origin of Ghostwatch, the 90 minute TV mockumentary broadcast on 31st October 1992 on BBC1. The show caused quite a stir in the UK and was banned from television, but where did the idea come from?

The following interview was compiled from the BBC archives, it's old but worth a read if you're a fan or simply curious.

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What type of skeptic are you?

Characteristics of PseudoSkeptics vs. True Skeptics

Skeptical Skeptics

NB: All pseudo-skeptics will claim to be true skeptics.


Are often typically disbelievers - i.e. they are firmly entrenched in believing "no" about certain things. Although they may "claim" that they are open to new information, they typically react with strongly unfriendly if not hostile criticisms when their beliefs and assumptions are challenged by new ideas and evidence.

Pseudo-skeptics typically make extreme statements. They will sometimes categorically state that something is impossible, or they will make sweeping false statements such as "no evidence exists" or the experiments are "all flawed"; or even the scientists in question are engaged in "pseudo-science."

Probably the most abusive of pseudo-skeptics tactics is to denigrate and dismiss carefully documented (and replicated observations in real life as being "anecdotes" and being "worthless" as potential scientific evidence. This is biased dismissal, even if the evidence was collected carefully using established standards in mainstream science, the findings are typically ignored or rejected as not having any scientific value.

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Zener ESP Psychic Test

Based on the Zener card test by perceptual psychologist Karl Zener who created the cards in the 1930s to test for extrasensory perception (ESP). We will be testing your clairvoyant ability to predict future events. In our test the random shape is not selected until after you have made your choice.

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