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A brief history of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

EVP timeline

(EVP) Electronic voice phenomena timeline.

EVPs are unexplained sounds and disembodied voices captured electronically. Believed by some to be the recorded evidence of residual or intelligent spirits communicating with us.

EVP is not a new phenomenon and can be traced back almost 100 years. We take a brief look at the history of EVP and the people behind it's discovery and experimental development.

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Ghostwatch Classifications

Ghostwatch Classifications of Ghosts

Ghostly encounters, haunted locations and reports of the paranormal are as varied as the people that experience them.

In order to help our visitors find those types of reports quickly and easily we have adopted the following classifications.

Please consider which classification of haunting your report should be filed under when you post your Ghostwatch report.
Thank you and happy hunting!

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