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Top 10 most endangered buildings 2014

The Victorian Society has revealed the Top Ten Most Endangered Victorian and Edwardian Buildings in England and Wales 2014

The Victorian Society UK - top ten buildings in danger 2014

These buildings are in real danger of being lost forever if immediate action is not taken. Please help raise awareness by sharing this list online so that more people become aware of the problems these historic buildings face.

buildings in danger

Cardiff Coal Exchange

Declared unsafe and in imminent danger of collapse by Cardiff Council in 2013, a thorough heritage assessment is urgently needed.
buildings in danger

Greengate Public Baths, Salford

Action needed to save this rare survival of a handsome early public baths designed by one of Manchester’s best 19th century architects.
buildings in danger

All Souls Church, Hastings, East Sussex

Grade II* listed church at risk of demolition
buildings in danger

Hartlepool’s former Wesley Chapel

Prominent Grade II-listed landmark deteriorating while awaiting hotel conversion.
buildings in danger

Tonedale Mill, Somerset

Plans to redevelop the site fell through during the recession, but as the housing market recovers, is a sensitive housing scheme now viable?
buildings in danger

Abney Park Cemetery Chapel, Stoke Newington

The oldest surviving non-denominational chapel in Europe, and Hosking’s only surviving public building, is now a picturesque ruin on the brink of being lost without immediate action.
buildings in danger

Crumlin Navigation Colliery, Wales

A nationally important, nearly complete, complex of both Grade II* and II buildings. Plans for use as community hub at risk due to pollution.
buildings in danger

Trentham Hall, Staffordshire

Once part of England’s grandest country house, mostly demolished in 1912 due to pollution in the River Trent, the remains give an idea of the Hall’s former glory but are in a very poor state.
buildings in danger

Sheffield’s missing Crimean War Monument

This tribute to Britain’s war dead has been broken up and placed in storage for over ten years, the column feared lost. We call on Sheffield Council to set out its plans for the monument in time for Remembrance Day.
buildings in danger

Hammerhead crane, Isle of Wight

This giant cantilever crane was built for the production of naval warships and is the last remaining pre-WWI hammerhead crane in England.

If one of the buildings is local to you, or particularly resonates with you, please consider writing to the relevant local council or newspaper to demonstrate that the building has public support. For more information please visit

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